Hey visitor to www.traces.com!

Tracey Johnston-Aldworth here

Traces Screen Printing Ltd., established in October 1985 (whew!)

has been sold to

Imprint Anything Inc. in Waterloo, Ontario,

effective March 2022

It all happened quickly & easily with little fanfare

If you are looking for any products (embroidery files, artwork, etc.)

that may have been transferred from Traces to Imprint Anything,

please e-mail:


or call 226-476-0838

Lucky me, I am free to pursue new and enjoyable opportunities

including national and international volunteering

with Catalyste+ (formerly known as CESO/SACO)

and I am presently sitting on the editorial board

of Screen Printing Magazine, USA

You can reach me at tracejaldworth@gmail.com

“Living well is the best revenge” -  George Herbert